The lab for NEtworking and Mobile Systems (NEMS) is affiliated with the Department of Computer Science at NCTU. It is located at MIRC (電子資訊大樓) Room 704. Our research proceeds from network fundamentals to other disciplines. We aim to pursue customizable, flexible solutions for networking services, as well as to explore security issues and to design countermeasures in mobile systems. Our projects span four directions: Wireless networking: WiGig, Wi-Fi; Network mobility: IPv6 NEMO, wireless mobility; Mobile network: 4G/5G security, service performance; Network and system security: SDN security, wireless security, Android security.

NEMS Lab News


    We are looking for self-motivated students (including undergraduate, master, and phd) who want to work on interesting problems in the areas of networking and mobile systems. The potential students are expected to be willing to learn, to explore, and to code. If you are interested in joining us, you are very welcome to drop by our lab to chat with us.


  1. Aug. 2019: Yu-Sheng, Po-Hao, Yu-Cheng and Hsu-Tung won Best Implementation Award at MC 2019.
  2. Jul. 2018: Po-Hao presented our MEC middlebox work at USENIX HotEdge 2018 in Boston, MA, USA.
  3. Jun. 2018: Our WiFi calling security paper won the Best Paper Award at IEEE CNS 2018.
  4. May 2018: Giovanni presented V2PSense at IEEE ICC 2018 in Kansas City, MO, USA.
  5. Oct. 2017: Yu-Han presented our wireless NEMO work at TANET 2017 in Hualien, Taiwan.
  6. Oct. 2017: Yao-Yu and Chia-Jui demonstrated our WiGig/WiFi handover work at IEEE ICNP 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

Alumni News

  1. Aug. 2018: Chia-Jui and Yao-Yu graduate, and join MediaTek and Realtek, respectively.
  2. Feb. 2018: Chien-Ting graduates and joins MediaTek.
  3. Aug. 2017: Wei-Han leaves for studying aboard in Computer Science at OSU.